The Family Ministry Video from Disney You Gotta' See

Disney recently released a 60th anniversary video about Imagineering.  If you're called to reach and impact families, it's a must see.  You will be inspired and challenged.

Here is the video.  After the video, I share my thoughts and takeaways.  I'd love to hear what you took away from the video as well.  You can leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Parents and kids are looking for places to have fun together.
Create a place at your church where kids and parents can have fun together.

Families are looking for ways to make memories together.
There are key times when families want to make a spiritual memory.  Times like the birth of a child, graduation, baptism, etc.  Provide opportunities for this and they will be drawn to it.   

Families are looking for experiences they can share together. 
Create shared experiences for kids and parents. 

Connect with the child inside the adult and they will love you for it.
When you provide shared experiences, make sure you have elements that reach parents as well.

Have a passion for creating experiences that will impact families.
What are you passionate about?  If you want to reach families, then focus your passion there.

When families have a great experience, they will tell their friends. 
Church growth is a natural result of creating great experiences for families.  Word will spread and people will come.

Tell stories through the experiences you create.
We have the most important story families need to hear.  The most important story deserves the best presentation.

Create with love, heart, and soul.
Let your creativity flow out of a heart to help families.

Everyone wants their kids to grow up to be good people.
Parents are looking for people and places that will make a positive impact on their kids.  When you take a child by the hand, you take a parent by the heart.

There are kids and parents who are losing sleep tonight because they are going to Disney tomorrow.
I want to create an environment at church that is irresistible for kids and parents.  A place they look forward to being.

It started with just a few people in a small building.
Big things normally have small beginnings.  Stop saying you can't do it.  Yes, you can.  Fan the small spark you are feeling inside and watch God turn it into a blazing fire for His glory.