Best Spot to Be at Service Dismissal

I remember as a kid, the Pastor would stand by the back door and shake people's hands as they were leaving the service.

For some it might seem old school, but actually, it's still a very good idea.  In fact, I think the best place a Children's Leader can be at dismissal is at the exit door.

When I lead a children's service, I like to stand by the exit door and greet families as they are leaving.  What a great opportunity to make a personal connection with kids and parents.

People remember their last few minutes at church.  What do you want them to remember?  How about a leader who smiled at them....looked them in the eye with genuine love...thanked them for coming...took a personal interest in them...showed them they are valued.

Do this week after week and you will find your relationship with kids and parents growing deeper.  And when people know you care about them...they will open their hearts to receive your message.

Where are you at during dismissal?  The "green room" may be more appealing, but the exit door is where you'll make an impact.