Feb 4, 2013

Does Divorce Affect a Child's Faith in God?

Does it affect a child's faith in God when his or her parents go through a divorce?

A recent report from Family Scholars entitled "Does the Shape of Family Shape Faith?" addresses this topic.

Here's a discussion about the report on Fox News.  It sheds light on some very interesting findings and challenges churches to be there for kids whose parents are going through divorce.


Elisabeth is spot on when she says churches have to address this issue of divorce. I can't tell you the number of adults I talk to who are adult children of divorce and they do feel the church ignored them.

In DC4K (DivorceCare4Kids.com) we are continuing to education church leaders about children of divorce. For many of the children in our DC4K groups around the country DC4K is the only time a church or a church leader is reaching out to the child of divorce.

We certainly appreciate Elisabeth promoting DC4K. She is a great friend of our ministry and we think very highly of her too.

And I believe I heard Wayne Stocks name mentioned. Woo-Hoo Wayne! You are a true friend of all children of divorce.

I was privileged to be invited to be a reviewer of the study, "Does the Shape of Family Shape Faith". My part is called "Children of Divorce Deserve Better Treatment in Our Churches". http://tinyurl.com/bav7789

Thanks for posting this interview.

Linda Ranson Jacobs
DC4K Creator and Ambassador

Linda, I so appreciate the ministry of DC4K. We use it at our church every week and it has made a big impact. Thanks for championing this cause.

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