Why You Should Have the Worst Parking Spot at Church

Where do you park at church?

I've seen churches who reserve the best parking for the pastor and staff.  Here's a "real life" example.

But I think the opposite should happen.  I believe staff should park in the worst parking and save the best parking for guests.

Guests decide if they are going to return in the first 8 minutes.  Do you want them to spend the first 8 minutes trying to find a parking spot and then having to walk all the way across the parking lot?

Think for a moment how nice it is to find a great parking spot at Wal-Mart, Target, or the mall.  You enter the crowded, busy parking lot with thousands of cars stretched across miles of parking lot...(okay...maybe it's not that big...but it feels like it).  And just when you think you'll have to park far away, suddenly a spot opens up right in the front.  You hurriedly grab it, hoping no one else will beat you to it.  And when you pull in...you feel great.  Blessed.  Privileged.

Don't you want your guests feeling like that when they walk in your doors for the very first time?  Are you willing to save the best parking spots to see this happen?  Are you willing to park in the worst parking spot to see it happen?