What Volunteers Really Want

What do volunteers really want?  A position?  Applause?  A place to connect?  

What volunteers really want is purpose.  They want to know what they are doing truly is significant.  They want to know what they do really does matter.      

Invite them to the purpose.  Move beyond just inviting them to a program...invite them to the purpose.  Before you invite them to a role, invite them to the purpose.  Precede the invite to a task with an invite to the purpose.

People are starving for a purpose.  Invite to the purpose and you will assemble a dynamic team fueled by the purpose.

Infuse the purpose continuously.  Put the purpose in writing so everyone can see it.  Talk about the purpose when you have training.  Keep the purpose at the forefront of everything you do.  Keep refilling the purpose tank...keep it topped off. 

Include stories.  Share stories that demonstrate the purpose is being accomplished.  Celebrate evidence of the purpose being fulfilled.