Why You Shouldn't Try to Be a Large Children's Ministry

Don't focus on crowds...focus on individuals.

Don't focus on how many kids are attending your church...focus on how many are NOT attending.

Don't focus on meeting numbers...focus on meeting needs.

Don't focus on retaining the discontent...focus on reaching the lost.

Don't focus on your numerical growth plan...focus on fulfilling the Great Commission.

Don't focus on people coming from another church...focus on people who have no church.

You see...our goal shouldn't be to be a large Children's Ministry.  Our goal should be to simply reach people...one at a time.

Be like Jesus...be focused on the one sheep who is lost.  Go and find him.  Love him and bring him into the fold.  One sheep at a time.  If you do this, the natural result will be growth.

You want to know how a children's ministry of 1,000 kids is built?  One child at a time.  Forget the 1,000 number and just start reaching kids...one at a time.  Before long, you'll look up and you'll have a 1,000 of those ones.