An Amazing Way You Can Reach Families

Looking for an amazing way to reach new families for Christ?  FX Live is the way to go!

It's an event for the whole family.  With lights, fog, a unique sound track and loads of action, families experience Biblical truths communicated through high octane games and challenges.

Conducted by one of their highly trained event directors, it is the easiest event you will ever host in your church.

Last week we hosted the event.  We provided invite cards and posters our families could use to invite their unchurched neighbors, co-workers, and family members.  They got the word out and over 3,200 kids and parents came to the event at two of our campuses.

We asked how many people in the audience had never been to our church before and at least 30% of the audience were first-time guests. 

My friend, Roger Fields, who founded the outreach 17 years ago, presented the Gospel clearly and we saw over 400 children and parents walk forward to accept God's gift of salvation.  We are now following up with those who made decisions and helping them take next steps.  There are already over 300 kids/parents who have started signing up for our baptism class.  In addition, there are hundreds of new families that we are now connecting to our church family.

Behind the numbers are so many stories of individuals who were invited and came to Christ through the event.  Here's one story.  A 3rd grader who attends our church had been bullied by a girl at school.  She had been very hurt emotionally, but decided to go to the bully and tell her she had forgiven her.  She then invited the bully to come to the event with her.  The bully came and walked forward to accept Christ as her Savior.  That story could be told many times over.

So if you're looking for an event that will bring new families into your church and help you reach them with the Gospel, FX Live is a great way to make it happen.  You can connect with Roger and the FX Live team at

Here's some pictures from the event that was held at our church.
dalehudsoncm's FX Live 2013 album on Photobucket