Aug 29, 2013

20 Things You Need to Know About Today's Kids

  1. They share information.  They are growing up with the electronic cut and paste and forward.
  2. They are multi-ethnic.  By 2050, there will not be a majority ethnic group in the United States.
  3. GM means food that is Genetically Modified.
  4.  “Dude” has never had a negative tone.
  5. Having a chat seldom involves talking.
  6. Gaga has never been baby talk.
  7. Their rites of passage have more to do with having their own cell phone and Twitter accounts than with getting a driver’s license and car.
  8. A tablet is not something you take in the morning.
  9. Plasma has never been just a bodily fluid.
  10. With GPS, they don't needed directions to get someplace, just an address.
  11. Their favorite feature films have always been largely, if not totally, computer generated.
  12. A Wiki has always been a cooperative web application rather than a shuttle bus in Hawaii.
  13. They have always been able to plug into USB ports.
  14. They absorb teaching methods that involve small-group collaborative learning rather than a passive listen-and-take-notes lecture.
  15. On average, at age 4, they will ask about 437 questions a day.
  16. They never twisted the coiled handset wire aimlessly around their wrists while chatting on the phone.
  17. Unless they found one in their grandparents’ closet, they have never seen a carousel of Kodachrome slides.
  18. They've always had hundreds of cable channels to choose from.
  19. Video games have always had ratings.
  20. History has always had it's own channel.
Your turn.  What are some other interesting things about today's kids?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


1.September 11 means the same to them as World War 2 or the JFK assassination.
2. Video Games have always come on discs
3. Having i in front of something is a common occurrence (iPhone, iPod, iHome, iOS).
4. Cell phones do more than just make phone calls
5. What's beeper?
6. making collect calls
7. using a pay phone
8. calling the movie theater to get show times
9. the yellow pages

They Don't know what airports used to be like.

Phones are for gaming during long car rides or any time they want to ask.

Can I borrow your phone? is a question they ask when they want to play a game not make a call.

They have "time" with their parents at Starbucks not the playground.

Instead of designing little boxes or power point presentations on computers for their computer science class, they design websites

They have never seen a black and white television program.

They have never gone to a Sunday School Class

They have never stepped into a bank, cause their parents do drive thru or online banking so their concept of $$$ is not tangible.

Coming of age gifts or rewards for behavior are online Game downloads, Facebook & Skype accounts rather than physical gifts.

They have never seen, much less touched a $20.00 bill.

1.) They have never had to memorize a phone number.
2.) They will never search for articles at the library on that big screen with the knob and the disk.
3.) Apple brings something to mind not food related.
4.) They "know" people they have never met.
5.) They've never seen a grocery store without self-checkout lanes.

A # is not just a music symbol.

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