An Extraordinary Way to "Pay" Your Volunteers

Your volunteers serve for “free” or they wouldn’t be volunteers.

But there is a way you can “pay” them.

It’s simple.  Ready for it?  Here it is...

Share the stories of life change with them.  Seeing kids and families impacted for eternity is why they serve.  They want to know the volunteer hours they put in are making a difference.

And when you share the stories with them, it’s “payday!" Here’s some ways you can make it “payday” for your volunteers.
  • Share the stories through a weekly email or social media/networking. 
  • When a child in their class is going to be baptized, invite them to come and be a part of it. 
  • Share the stories when you meet with them for prayer before service. 
  • When a parent tells you a volunteer has made an impact in their child’s life, share it with the volunteer. 
  • When a parent shares with you how their child is living out what is being taught, share with it with your volunteers. 
  • Create a baptism wall.  When a child is baptized, have them put their handprint on the wall and write their name and the date inside. 
  • Video a child or family who has been impacted and send the video to all your volunteers. 
Two questions…

When was the last time you made it “payday” for your volunteers?

What are some other ways you make it “payday” for your volunteers?  It’s your turn.  Share with us in the comment section below.