Generation C...they're in your preschool rooms

Technology is quickly becoming a big part of the preschool world.

In fact, today's preschoolers are being called "Generation C."

Generation C represents kids who from an early age, are connected to technology.

Here's some interesting facts about Generation C.
  • 25% of kids are using the internet daily by age three
  • 50% of kids are using the internet daily by age five
  • For kids 8 and younger, 27% of all digital media is screen-based
  • 60% of all best selling educational apps are geared towards preschool children
  • 30% of apps on parents’ devices are downloaded by their children
In years past, parents prepared their children for kindergarten by teaching them how to count to ten, grip a pencil, identify shapes and colors, etc.

Today, children entering school have a few more items on their must-know list – all related to technology.
  • How to use a mouse to move the cursor on the screen
  • Know where the main buttons on a keyboard are
  • Have familiarity with at least five interactive applications, games or activities
  • Know some technical terminology, like: digital camera, iPad, computer, internet, mouse, keyboard, and printer
  • Be able to type their name on a QWERTY keyboard
  • Understand the basic functions of an internet browser
 Are you prepared to effectively minister to Generation C?