Why You Should Be Prepared for the Multi-Screen World of Kids

You've probably noticed that kids (and adults) are engaged with screens...a lot.

Studies show that 90% of our daily media interactions are screen based.

Kids watch videos, search the web, take notes and save information at the same time using multiple devices.

Instead of being distracted by the multiple devices, they are multi-tasking with them!

Bottom line...we live in a multi-screen world.  Are you prepared to connect with the next generation that is immersed in this screen saturated world?

Effective Children's Ministries in the multi-screen world...
  • Communicate God's Word to kids through multiple screens.
  • Connect with and partner with parents through multiple screens.
  • See the visual word as vital as the spoken word.
  • See screens as a key tool instead of just a cute toy
  • Truly believe a picture is worth a thousand words.