Goal Setting for 2014...What You Should Be Measuring

Each year, in the first few days of January, our children's ministry team goes on a retreat (we call it an advance).  Part of this retreat is spent reviewing last year's trends, goals, highlights, etc.

We then set goals for the coming year.  Here's what we measure. 

Top 3 overall goals
  • What are the 3 big wins we want to see happen this year?  These would be three big picture goals that are separate from the other items on this list.
  • We count numbers because every number represents a person and every person is someone Jesus died for.
  • How many kids are we currently ministering to?  
  • How many kids does God want us to minister to this year on a weekly basis?
Number of volunteers
  • How many volunteers do we currently have?
  • How many new volunteers can we add this year?
Baptism class
  • How many kids do we want to see attend our baptism class this year?
  • How many kids do we want to see baptized this year?
Milestone Classes/Retreats
  • How many kids/parents do we want to see go through our milestone classes/retreats such as 1st Grade Bible, 5th grade to middle school passage, etc.
Parent/Child Dedication
  • How many parents do we want to see attend our parent/child dedication class and then dedicate their child?
  • How many kids do we want to involve in serving opportunities? 
Number of first-time families
  • How many new families do we want to see walk through the doors?
Number of first-time families who return
  • How many guest families do we want to see return?
Your turn.  What goals do you set?  What are you measuring?  Share with us in the comment section below.