Dec 4, 2013

Why We Changed Our Children's Ministry Name and Logo

Recently we changed our children's ministry name and logo (from God's Kids to CF Kids).  Why?

The other ministries in our church were called CF Students, CF Men, etc.  We wanted to be in alignment with the other ministries.  Alignment brings clarity and focus.

Appeal to the unchurched. 
Our former name (God's Kids) was too "churchy" and could be intimidating to an unchurched family walking through the doors for the first-time.

Sometimes it's just time for a fresh look.  A fresh look can bring excitement and energy.

Is it time for a logo change?

p.s. Below is a picture and video of our new logo if you'd like to see it.


# 5 regional appeal. "God's kids" might work in the south. But your branding might not work in your alignment strategy for multi site outside of the Florida region. CF kids would work well for your NYC church plant efforts and help the team there have one less thing to try and figure out. This also helps with alignment with curriculums and such when going multi site/ multi state.

Great post and explanation. Really cool to see you embrace this, so many hold onto the past with a 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' mentality!

Thanks David. We need to connect sometime. If you're ever in South Florida we should hang out.

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