How to Breathe New Life into Tired Volunteers

Volunteers get tired.  Even the most committed, faithful ones.  If you want to keep them for the long haul, then you have to infuse them with new life during these times.

Here's 4 ways to give your volunteers a breath of fresh air.

New Volunteers 
New volunteers bring fresh energy with them.  Many times, tired volunteers feel like they are in this alone and are carrying the weight by themselves.  Placing a new volunteer beside them will encourage and inspire them.

New Role
A tired volunteer may feel like they are "stuck" in a role that no longer challenges them.  Moving them to a new role can give them fresh energy and passion.

New Vision
Perhaps they've gotten so "down in the weeds" of weekly ministry that they've lost sight of the big picture.  All they can see is glue sticks, crafts to prepare, nursery sheets to change, or lessons to teach.

Remind them of "why" they are serving.  Help them pull back and see the vision they are part of.

New Curriculum
Sometimes volunteers get tired of teaching the same curriculum year after year.  Giving them something fresh and different might be just what they need.

The floor is yours.  What are some other ways you breathe new life into your volunteers?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.