3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Children's Ministry Every Week

Our ministries are a work in progress...and always will be.

There are 3 simple steps you can take to improve your children's ministry.  Though simple, they can accelerate your ministry if implemented each week.

#1 - WALK
John F Kennedy said, "Walk slowly through the crowd."  It's a simple, but powerful principle.

Each weekend, make time to walk through your ministry and observe.  What do you see that's working?  What do you see that needs adjusting?  What do you see that needs replaced?  What do you see that needs repair work?  What do you see that needs updating?

Watch check-in.  Is it easy for families?  Watch dismissal.  Is it safe and secure?  Watch the services.  Are the kids engaged?  Watch your volunteers.  Are they smiling?  Are they connecting with kids and families?

#2 - TALK
Talk to kids.  Do they remember the main point of the lesson?  Are they having fun?

Talk to parents.  How can you improve the ministry?  What's an idea that would make the ministry better?

Talk to volunteers.  Do they feel empowered?  What needs to be fixed?  What can be done to improve the ministry?  What is missing?  What's one thing that would help them feel more empowered?  Is the curriculum effective and easy to use?

#3 - CHALK
In other words, write down all the ideas, input, and suggestions you gather.  Write it down as hear it...on the spot.

Then on Monday...transfer your notes to a list.  Work through the list.  Implement what needs to be implemented.  Tweak what needs to be tweaked.  Fix what needs to be fixed.

Follow these 3 steps every week and you will see a vast improvement in your children's ministry.