Kid Climbs on Million Dollar Piece of Art at Musuem (and what it teaches us)

Recently a child was visiting London's Tate Modern Museum with his family.

One of the exhibits was a Donald Judd sculpture...a piece worth millions of dollars.

The child decided it looked more like a playground toy than artwork and as you can see in the picture, climbed up on it.

The incident was captured with someone's cell phone.  People reacted in shock.  How could the child do something like this?  How could his family not pay attention and let it happen?   

Personally...I think it's a great reminder of some things.

1. Keep your imagination alive. 
Artwork?  The child saw a playground toy...a giant shelf...a place to explore.  We get so caught up in life that we forget to see the simple, fun, adventurous side of life.

2. Don't take things so seriously.
As we grow up, we become more and more serious.  Bills to pay...deadlines to meet...doctors appointments to to work at...all of these things and more begin to replace our smiles with worried looks...our laughter with stress filled words...our fun with intense work.  And we forget to enjoy life.

3. Remember what really matters.
I'm not diminishing the artist's work.  I know it's an important piece of art. the same's not what matters most.  At the end of life, a piece of artwork that looks like a shelf won't be what's important.'s what matters most.