Is Your Identity Wrapped Up in Your Ministry?

Polls say that 55% of people get their sense of identity from their job.

Those who serve in ministry are no exception.  Many times our sense of identity is wrapped up in our ministry instead of our Maker.

I'll be transparent here.  I've been guilty.  When things were going well with the ministry, I would feel my worth go up.  When things were stagnate with the ministry, I would question my worth.

If we're honest, we've all struggled with this at times.  We base our worth on what we do instead of who we belong to.

Instead of finding your identity in your ministry, find your identity in what God says about you as His child.  Your ministry will have it's ups and downs, but your identity in Christ will never change.

Check out this short video and be encouraged.  Your identity is not found in being a Children's Pastor or a Children's Ministry Leader or an amazing volunteer.  Your identity is You are a Child of God!