The Gospel Still Changes Lives in 2014! 1,428 People Baptized in One Weekend!

I took this picture this past weekend right before a father and son who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior were baptized together. I love how the son is looking at his father as his spiritual leader. 

This was one story of the 1,428 people who followed Christ in baptism this past weekend at our services. Lots of kids and parents chose to be baptized together. In many cases, it was the child that God used to bring the parents to Christ and then encouraged them to make it public through baptism.

Churches do not have to be dead. The Holy Spirit is drawing people. The vast majority of people who were baptized came from either no church background or a Catholic background. Be encouraged. God still changes lives.

Share the Gospel.  It still changes lives in 2014! 

p.s. For all the critics...whether you baptize 1 person or 1000 people, you must be diligent to share the Gospel clearly.  Is everyone who makes a decision sincere?  We believe so, but that's up to them and God. 

Our job is simply to share the truth. Everyone of the children who were baptized went through a class first with their parents where the Gospel was thoroughly shared and they were counseled.

I do know that many, many of the people were baptized with tears running down their faces.  I think many churches have excuses instead of passionately reaching out to people far from God.