How Divorce Really Affects Children

How does divorce really affect kids?  A recent survey reveals that most parents who divorce are in denial about how it affects their kids.
  • Only 14% were able to be honest with their parents about how upset they felt.
  • 39% said they hide their feelings from their parents as they don't want to upset them.
  • 20% felt there was no point in telling their parents because they were too wrapped up in themselves.
  • 1 in 12 felt forced to look after the parent during the divorce.
  • 35% said one of their parents tried to turn them against the other.
  • Almost a third described themselves as 'devastated' by their parent's divorce.
  •  1 in 12 thought it meant their parents didn't love them and had let them down.  
  • 13% blamed themselves for the divorce.
  • 31% witnessed their parents fighting.
  • Older kids - 5% drank, 3% took drugs, and 11% self-harmed.
  • 6% considered suicide and 1 in 50 tried it but was found in time.
Parents who experienced divorce said...
  • Only 5% realized their children blamed themselves for the split.
  • 10% thought their kids were "relieved" they left their partner.
  • Only 10% realized their child had seen them fighting - three times lower than the true figure.
  • 8% admitted they had tried to turn their child against the other parent, almost four times lower than reported by the children.
  • 77% of separated couples think their kids coped well – but only 18% of children are happy their parents are no longer together.
  • 1 in 5 youngsters drank and 1 in 9 self-harmed to cope, but just 1 in 100 parents knew.
  • Only 1 in ten parents knew their children were hiding their true feelings.