Sep 1, 2014

How Divorce Really Affects Children

How does divorce really affect kids?  A recent survey reveals that most parents who divorce are in denial about how it affects their kids.
  • Only 14% were able to be honest with their parents about how upset they felt.
  • 39% said they hide their feelings from their parents as they don't want to upset them.
  • 20% felt there was no point in telling their parents because they were too wrapped up in themselves.
  • 1 in 12 felt forced to look after the parent during the divorce.
  • 35% said one of their parents tried to turn them against the other.
  • Almost a third described themselves as 'devastated' by their parent's divorce.
  •  1 in 12 thought it meant their parents didn't love them and had let them down.  
  • 13% blamed themselves for the divorce.
  • 31% witnessed their parents fighting.
  • Older kids - 5% drank, 3% took drugs, and 11% self-harmed.
  • 6% considered suicide and 1 in 50 tried it but was found in time.
Parents who experienced divorce said...
  • Only 5% realized their children blamed themselves for the split.
  • 10% thought their kids were "relieved" they left their partner.
  • Only 10% realized their child had seen them fighting - three times lower than the true figure.
  • 8% admitted they had tried to turn their child against the other parent, almost four times lower than reported by the children.
  • 77% of separated couples think their kids coped well – but only 18% of children are happy their parents are no longer together.
  • 1 in 5 youngsters drank and 1 in 9 self-harmed to cope, but just 1 in 100 parents knew.
  • Only 1 in ten parents knew their children were hiding their true feelings.


Dale, thanks for posting this. Numbers don't lie. In my humble opinion these numbers should be blasted across every church and I mean BLASTED. With over 1/3 of the kids in the US living in a single parent home, churches need to be aware of the mission field. I fear the stats are only going to get worse. I have a friend in OK who is a Pre-K teacher in the public school system. Out of 14 four yr. old kids here is the break down - 1 living with grandmother; 2 living with mom and step parent; 11 living with mom only. And this is not an extremely low income area.

Thank you so much for bringing attention to these numbers. I'm so glad to see others bringing attention to this cause. I feel like I'm out there all alone but I'll continue with the call the Lord has placed on my life and ministry.

Linda Ranson Jacobs

Linda, your ministry voice is making a huge difference across the country. Keep being a champion for the kids who are affected by divorce.

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