Nov 18, 2014

An Inside Look at Our Volunteer Orientation

When you bring a new volunteer on your team, it's vital that you set them up for success.  How you bring them on the team will set the tone for their entire serving experience with you.

We have a five-step process for on-boarding new volunteers.  The final step is attending a volunteer orientation.  The purpose of this orientation is to cover the big picture.  Hands-on, age specific, on-the-job training then happens in the age environments they will be serving in.

Here is the handout we cover in our orientation.  The orientation is held each weekend during a service.  Would love to hear about your volunteer orientation and see any handouts, notes, etc that you cover.  You can share them with us in the comment section below.


I love this! May I use it for our church's orientation? Along with some changes of course.

Help yourself Jackie. Blessings.

What are the four steps they go through before attending orientation? What does your onboarding look like?

Yes, what are the first four steps?

step 1 - interest card (get their basic contact info)
step 2 - fill out online application
step 3 - interview
step 4 - background check
step 5 - orientation
step 6 - hands on training in the environment / shadow leader

Is this given out in place of a handbook or in addition to it? Thank you!

This is all we put in their hands. There are more materials they received when they get to the specific area they will be serving in.

I'd like to learn more specifics on your milestones 2 and 4.

Hey Dave, great to hear from you. #2 takes place at the end of the school year and is for kids entering 1st grade. We have a class they go through with their parents to learn about God's Word and then their parents present them with a Bible. #4 takes place before the kids move into middle school ministry. There is a class attached to that as well.

I don't see anything for the hand out???

Hi Julie, it must be your computer. It's there. I'd be glad to email it to me if you want to email me at Blessings.

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