Screen Time for Kids...the Debate

How much time should kids spend with technology?  This has been the subject of many debates.

In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that screen time be limited to two hours a day for children over age two, and that no screen time be allowed for children younger than that.

But that was 1999, when TV was the primary means by which kids consumed technology and it was normally done sitting still in a sedentary mode.  Proponents of technology say that times have changed and other factors should now be considered.

Some of the factors are...
  • Is it being used to support learning?
  • Is the use solitary or taking place with others?
  • Is the activity sedentary or active?
  • What are the content and features of the media?                                                      
  • Are the device's features age-appropriate? 
Based on these questions, how much screen time do you think is appropriate for kids?  The average child now has 5 to 7 hours of screen time each day.  This is including all forms of technology. 

Taking into account that technology is and will be such a big part of their education and future careers as they grow up, is 5 to 7 hours too much, about right, or too little?

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