Want Your New Volunteers to Get Off to a Good Start? Make Sure They Know These 5 Things

Want to help your volunteers get off to a good start?  Make sure they know these 5 things.

The mission. 
Go beyond "what" they will be doing and explain "why" they will be doing it.  Volunteers want to be part of something bigger than themselves.  Explain the mission of the ministry and they will put their heart into their role.

The basic essentials.
What time to be there.  What to do when they can't be there.  Safety and security guidelines.  Attire.  etc.

Who they report to.
The person who will be investing in them and helping them grow in their role.

What they will be doing.
A job description for their role.

What the wins are for the role.
What does success look like?  How do they know they are doing a good job?

Your turn.  What else do new volunteers need to know?  Share with us in the comment section below.