A Tool to Determine How Many Children's Ministry Staff Members You Need

"How many paid children's ministry staff members should our church have?"  I often get asked this question by churches.  Here's my answer.

Our church is multi-site which means we have campuses of all sizes.  We are also opening new campuses on a regular basis.

Because of this, we created a template that helps us determine how many paid children's ministry staff members we need at existing campuses and at new campuses when we launch them.

Below is the template.  This is the results of lots of discussions, brainstorming and trial / error.  You will see that it's based on ratios.  It has been a huge help to us and takes the guess work out of how many staff we need.

I trust it will be a help to you and your ministry.  Feel free to download it if you'd like.  Blessings.