Dec 15, 2014

Epic Children's Ministry Fails...You Gotta' See This

Have you ever had an epic children's ministry fail?  Check this guy out.  He is trying to do a trick on a live children's television show.  Watch what happens.

I've never caught myself on fire, but I have had my share of epic fails.  Here's a few things I've learned over the years from my fails.

Walk through new games before you use them in a service.  I learned this the hard way.  I would invent a cool new game that I thought the kids would love.  But I didn't try it out ahead of time to make sure it was doable.  And when it didn't work at all...I was left standing there embarrassed. 

Preview any pictures or video clips you are going to use.  Always preview your audio, pictures and video.  We once pulled a video clip from a movie to use in a lesson, but didn't take time to preview the entire clip.  Sure enough...right in the middle of the clip...profanity ushered across the sound-system on a Sunday morning.   Thankfully that one didn't cost me my job, but it could have.

Test any new object lessons before you use them in a service.  This is especially true with any object lessons that involve chemical reactions or experiments.  There have been several times where I didn't test the object lesson out ahead of time and was left standing on stage looking stupid.

Would love to hear about some of your epic children's ministry fails.  Share in the comment section below so I will know I'm not the only one out there who's had some.  


I once did the water balloon and lighter trick to teach kids that when Jesus is inside of you, you can resist temptation. However my children's pastor gave me a blow torch instead of a regular lighter. I thought I understood his instructions, so I put the balloon right up against the flame. Naturally it heated too quickly and burst. I can still see the balloon and water falling to the floor. EPIC FAIL.

I always try to preselect my kids before service, if I want them to play out something on stage. I've learned the hard way that when you call a kid to do something for you on stage (act,dance, etc..) They usually don't listen well due to nervousness and the environment. I've learned that when you hand pick kids before service and go over the objective of what you want them to do, success is almost guaranteed. The kids feel at ease when displaying something on stage and you feel confident that the overall goal will be achieved.

Good word Alex. I was thinking yesterday when I was in Nitro about what a great job you do teaching the kids. Thankful to be able to serve with you.

PREVIEW cards kids make; especially to Wounded Warriors. Sometimes their illustrations are a little too real and sometimes, especially for older kids, their messages are well, not helpful.

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