Parents - Beware of This Christmas Present

Google just released data on the toys that parents are purchasing online for their kids this Christmas.

Many of them include the staples like Barbies, Legos and My Little Pony.  But there is one that causes me to shiver.

Let me preface this by saying I'm not one to see an evil spirit lurking behind every corner and I'm not a Harry Potter basher (if you are, we can agree to disagree).  That being said, the #5 "toy" on the list concerns me.  It's the Ouija board.

Online searches for Ouija boards are up 300% since October.  This may coincide with the movie that was released in October called Ouija.  It depicts a group of friends who must confront their fears when they tap into the dark powers of an ancient "spirit board."

I personally know people who have "played" with this "toy" and found it to be a direct link to demonic influence.  

If you have parents ask about this "toy," encourage them to steer clear.  This is one "toy" that I do believe has connections to the occult. 

What are your thoughts or past experiences with this?