Go! Curriculum (We're Giving Away a One-Year Subscription)

There's a brand new elementary curriculum coming out this summer!  It's called Go!  Go! is designed to be an interactive learning experience that can transform kids' minds, hearts and hands.  Each section of the lesson helps kids love and know God more (mind & heart) as well as discover how to live out their faith (hands).

I've taken an inside look at the curriculum and here are just a few of the things I like about it.
  • Scope & Sequence - 3 years. Each year it covers the Bible chronologically with different Bible stories and different emphasis.
  • Customizable - Every church adjusts curriculum to fit the needs and schedule of their ministry.  Go! allows you to do this with ease.
  • Manageable supply list -  Ever gotten a curriculum that required you to purchase 4 shopping carts of materials at Walmart?  And that was for 1 lesson!!!  Not with Go!  It is designed with supplies that are simple, affordable and easy to access.
  • Great lesson flow - The lesson flow is strategically planned to get kids connected and engaged from the first minute on. 
  • Media - Kids are visual learners.  Each lesson contains videos, graphics and music to engage the visual generation.
  • Takes kids deep - Looking to take kids deeper than just the facts and into an encounter with God?  At the end of each lesson, kids are encouraged to respond to the lesson by response stations such as prayer, drawing, reading, writing in a journal and more. 
  • Small groups - Relationships is what keeps kids coming back.  Go! curriculum has small group activities and discussions that not only help kids learn God's Word but also lets them be part of a small community that knows them. 
  • Home piece - One of the big wins from the response stations listed above is they tie into the kids' take home pieces.   The take home pieces have space built in for kids to be able to visually show their parents what they learned.  This is a great way to start home conversations about the lesson.
  •  Kid-friendly - The lessons are designed and packaged with kids in mind.  Here are some of the series' titles - Slime Time, Space Ninja's vs. Pirate Squirrels, Professor Sid's Science Spectacular and more.  What kid isn't going to love these series!!!
  • Volunteer friendly - The lessons and materials are easy to use for today's busy volunteers.  They'll love you for using Go! 
So...the great news...our friends at Go! Curriculum are giving away a free one year subscription to one of our readers!  Yes...you heard it correctly.  A year's worth of curriculum!!!   This is a value of $1,199.00.  You can enter by emailing me at dalehudsoncm2@gmail.com.  We'll announce the winner right here next Monday, March 2.

Below is a great video that gives you a visual picture of the curriculum.  You can also get more information about Go! Curriculum at this link