The Back of the Fence

Steve Jobs had a passion for excellence.  There's no denying his commitment has impacted the world.

Recently I listened to Walter Isaacson, who wrote Steve's biography, talk about the source of his success.

Steve took him to his childhood home and had him look at the fence in the backyard.  Steve had helped his father build the fence when he was a kid.

He had Walter rub his hand on the back of the fence.  Steve said when they started building the fence, his father told him...
Steve asked, "Why?  No one will ever see it.  No one will ever know."

His father responded, "Yes, but you will know."

Steve learned from this that if you're passionate about the quality of something, you even care about the parts that aren't seen.

It stuck with him.  When he designed the first Mac computer, he held it up to make sure the circuit board...which the customers wouldn't see...was beautifully done.  To him, the parts that no one saw was where true greatness originated.

The reason Apple's front fence has been so successful is because of their commitment to their back fence. 

What does the back of your ministry fence look like?  Are you committed to behind-the-scenes excellence?  What would parents see if they looked at the back of the fence?  What would your volunteers say about the back of the fence?

Show me a ministry that is successful and I'll show you a ministry that cares about the back of the fence.