Empty Seats in Your Church? This Could Be Why

The retreat from marriage has left more and more children in single-parent homes.  Children in single-parent homes are often splitting time between parents on weekends which makes it more difficult to attend church consistently.  Studies also show that children whose parents have divorced are less likely to attend church.

Putman says the growing popularity of TV over the past five decades is a major ringleader behind declining rates of civic engagement, including church attendance.  Television and pop culture encourage "lethargy and passivity" and "materialist values" which create a tension with vibrant church attendance.

The sexual revolutions of the 1960's and 1970's caused many young adults to steer clear of church.  This has emerged into the tension of abortion and gay marriage which has left many young adults viewing religion as an intolerant force they want nothing to do with. 

While these four factors have played a part in declining attendance in many churches, it does not mean churches cannot thrive in 2015.  There are churches that are reaching kids and families and are exploding with growth.

In this post, I share about the 20 largest and fastest growing children's ministries in America.  Check them out for ideas on how to build a growing, thriving church.