A Way to See if the Kids in Your Ministry Are Safe in Your Care

Are you sure the kids in your ministry are safe while they are in your care?

Check out this startling video that shows how quickly a child can be abducted.

Occasionally, we will test our safety and security by having someone try to pick up a child without having the matching tag.  The person helping us will make an excuse for not having the tag like, "I lost it" or "I'm his uncle and his dad told me to pick him up" or "the child is our neighbor that we brought to church."

We arrange this scenario ahead of time and of course the child and the parents of the child agree to the test.  It's a great way to see how safe and secure the kids are in your ministry.

Why is this so important?  Because all it takes is one time for a child's life to be devastated and the trust you have gained with parents to be destroyed.

Please...please...please implement a check-in system if you do not have one in place.  Please...please...please never let anyone be alone with a child.

Please...please...please make sure you thoroughly interview everyone before they start serving and run a background check on them.

In this article, you can access a 15 minute podcast from Church Law Group that will give you vital info. about safety and security in your children's ministry.  It's a must listen if you want to keep the kids in your ministry safe.

I also recommend KidCheck if you are looking for a check-in system for your ministry.  A check-in system is a vital part for keeping kids safe at church.