10 Kids Who've Proven Kids Can Make a Huge Impact

Kids can lead and make an impact.  Here's 10 kids who've proven this.  The question is...are you giving kids the opportunity to lead in your church?

BRIAN ZIMMERMAN became the honorary mayor of Crabb, a community of about 200, in 1983 at age 11.

Zimmerman, called "the Boy Mayor," garnered international attention for his role in the community, and in 1985 PBS created the movie "Lone Star Kid," which was about Zimmerman and his mayorship.

SAUGAT BISTA became the youngest director in world history to direct a professionally made, theatrically distributed, feature-length movie when he released "Love you Baba" at age 7.

THOMAS GREGORY became the youngest person to swim the English channel at age 11.

SUHAS GOPINATH became the youngest CEO of a multinational company at age 17.  He started the company when he was only 14.

LOUIS BRAILLE began using leatherworking tools at age 3 inspite of being blind.

When he was 10, Braille was accepted into the Royal Institute for Blind Youth, an expensive school for the blind in Paris. At age 13, he began creating what would come to be known as the Braille system of reading for the blind.

KIERON WILLIAMSON began selling his paintings at age 7.  By age 13, his paintings had already made him a millionaire.

WILLIE JOHNSON of the 3rd Vermont Infantry fought in the Civil War when he was only 11 years old.

During the Seven Days Battles in 1862, his division was being driven back by the Confederate Army.  Johnson kept his cool, stayed at his post drumming out the beat for an orderly retreat, and was the last of his division to retreat. President Abraham Lincoln personally bestowed the Medal of Honor upon him.

VICTOR DE LEON III became the youngest signed professional player for Major League Games at age 7.  He's attracting so much attention that a documentary was made about him.  He was also interviewed on 60 Minutes.  That year, he earned enough to pay his future college fees.

JAKE MARCIONETTE was only 12-years-old when he decided to become a writer.  His first book, Just Jake, was on the New York Times best list the year it was published.

MARJORIE GESTRING  won an Olympic gold medal at the age of 13.