Walt Disney...Leaving a Leadership Legacy

"The best leadership legacy is not one that is fondly remembered, but one that is actively emulated."
Disney Institute

July 17, 1955, Walt Disney opened Disneyland.  60 years later, Disney employees are still carrying on his legacy.

Below is a video that features several Disney employees who were working at Disneyland when Walt was there.

As you listen to them talk, you'll see a great example of what it means to leave a leadership legacy.

Here are a few thoughts I had after watching this.  Would enjoy hearing your thoughts as well in the comment section below.
  • A legacy is not a true legacy unless the leader's values are transferred to the followers. 
  • Good leaders have a vision that lives during their lifetime.  Great leaders have a vision that lives beyond their lifetime in the actions and attitudes of their successors.
  • Good leadership - people carry on the name of the leader.  Great leadership - people not only carry on the name of the leader, but what the name of the leader stands for as well.
  • When a leader truly leaves behind a legacy, his passion can still be felt even in the absence of his presence.