The Biggest Influence That Brings Families into Your Church

A new study by Nickelodeon shows the power of kids'
influence over family decisions has increased significantly over the years.  Parents are asking their kids for their opinions and taking them seriously.

71% of parents solicit and consider their kids' opinions when making purchases. and 95% of parents seek their kids' opinions when buying products for them.
98% of all kids ask for products at both grocery and clothing stores, and according to the study, are "frequently" granted their requests.  This is very significant considering that Gen Z (today's kids) is comprised of 61.2 million toddlers to teens ages 14 and under. 

Today's kids are influencers!  Children's spending has roughly doubled every ten years for over three decades, and tripled in the 1990's.  Kids influence over $1.2 trillion in purchases each year.  Now that's some serious "Nag Power."
Today's parents ask for their children's preferences.  Parents choose the choose the brand.
This is true when it comes to families deciding where to attend church as well.  Parents decide which church to attend based on what church their kids like.
The biggest influence that brings families into a church is their children. 
If you want to reach families, then invest heavily in your children's ministry.  Children's ministry is a growth engine for churches.  Parents will go where their children are loved and have a great time.  Show me a church that is reaching lots of families and I will show you a church where children's ministry is a high priority.