Urgency vs. Complacency

One of the dangers of serving in ministry for a long period of time is complacency.  The natural bent is to slide toward complacency.

As we look to Paul as a role model in ministry, we see that he maintained a sense of urgency instead of complacency.

Remember his words in Philippians 3?  He said, " I PRESS ON toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."  These are the words of a man on an urgent mission.

How do you keep your sense of urgency?  Here's 5 keys. 

Keep your focus on those who do not yet know Jesus.  Complacency sets in when you get satisfied with the number of people who are attending your church.  That's not what we must be focused on.  We must stay focused on people in our community who don't know Jesus.  The issue is not how many people are attending your church.  The issue is how many people in your community are not attending church anywhere.

Stay close to those who are urgent.  Urgency spawns urgency.  Find people either inside or outside of your ministry who have a sense of urgency and spend time with them.  Their passion will rub off on you.

Look at the future instead of the past.  One sign of complacency is talking more about the past than the future.  Honor the past but always be looking to the future.  What happened yesterday is in the past.  God wants to do something fresh and new in your life and ministry.

Set goals.  One practical way to keep a sense of urgency is to set goals.  Setting attendance goals, spiritual steps goals and other measurements will keep stretching you.

Be the thermostat instead of the thermometer.  Everything rises and falls on leadership.  If you, as the leader, are complacent the ministry will be complacent.  It's your job to keep adding fuel to the fire.

Our calling is urgent.  So much is at stake.  We only have a short window of opportunity to reach kids and families.  Let's keep pressing for the prize God has for us.