New Scripture Memory Program Launched by Amazing Kid

A-Z  Scripture Memory is a new scripture memory program that is being led by an amazing 9-year-old girl named Ayu.  Here's her story.

In July 2005, Aditya was born at 23.1 weeks and weighing 1 lb. 1 oz.  Since a baby’s brain does not fully develop until week 26, she had some empty ‘vacuum’ space in her skull cavity.  This space soon filled with blood and by Day 15, Aditya’s brain had stopped communicating with the rest of her body.  On Day 16, she passed away in her father’s arms.
In July 2006, exactly one year later (to the day) that Aditya was buried, her sister Ayu was born at 23.0 weeks and weighing 1 lb. 4 oz.  The doctor’s said that she had a 5% chance of survival and if she were to survive, there was a very high probability of severe mental disabilties.  Knowing that Ayu’s situation was exactly the same as Aditya’s, this brought a gloomy outlook for family and friends.  But God in His grace, heard the prayers of hundreds upon hundreds of believers.

The size of a coke bottle, Ayu had heart surgery on Day 10.  At 2 months of age (then weighing 2 lbs.), she had laser eye surgery to prevent blindness.  Finally, on Dec 12, 2006, (12/12) – Ayu left the hospital on Day 144 and weighing 5 lbs.  That night at their high school choir Christmas concert, Ayu’s two older sisters sang in the choir.  The theme that night of the program was ‘A Night of Miracles’.  And it truly was.

Ayu’s name in Indonesian means, ‘Beautiful’.  But a nurse in the NICU Unit who spoke Arabic informed the parents that Ayu is the feminine name for ‘Ayub’.  And ‘Ayub’ is the Arabic name for Job from the Bible.  Job means, ‘God restores’, and it is no coincidence that the ‘God of Restoration’ placed His healing hand on a baby girl named, ‘Ayu’.

In 2012, at the 40th reunion of the NICU Unit of the hospital Ayu was born at; she received an award for being the smallest and youngest baby to survive during that 40 year period (16,000 babies).  Truly, a miracle from God.

Ayu recently finished 3rd grade with a 6th grade reading level.  She is also winning awards in piano competitions.  God has given Ayu a brilliant mind.  To honor God and His miraculous touch, Ayu is committed to memorizing God’s Word, and is the catalyst for the A-Z Scripture Memory program.

The program is a systematic approach to memorizing 32 key Bible verses and 12 Scripture songs.  The verses have been chosen to build Christian doctrine and truth in the lives of kids.  The program will use 28 fun YouTube videos led by Ayu to help kids learn the verses and songs.

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