Why We Must Capture Kids' Attention If We Want to Reach Them

If you want to reach kids, you must capture their attention.

Studies show that what we pay attention to and focus on actually wires our neurons.

What captures kids' attention shapes their world view.  What captures kids' attention lays the foundation for their life.  What captures kids' attention controls their life.  What captures kids' attention shapes their future.

Your ministry is one of many entities competing for kids' attention...vying for an inroad to wire their neurons.  One disadvantage...your window of time is limited.  One hour a week...if their parents bring them consistently.  Stats show that for most kids it's more like one hour every 3-4 weeks.

Bottom line...we've got to capture kids' attention!  Every hour...every minute...every second counts!  We can't afford to present boring lessons.  We can't afford to come unprepared.  We can't afford to use methods that no longer work.  We can't afford to operate in monotone.  We can't afford not to be creative.  We can't afford not to be relevant.

If we can get kids to pay attention to what God's Word says, we can see them develop "the same mindset as Christ" (Philippians 2:5).

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