20 Reasons I'm Thankful for You...Children's Ministry Leader

There's much I'm thankful for today.  One of the big ones on my list is you...children's ministry leader.

In case you haven't heard it in awhile...thank you.

Thank you...for your heart for the next generation.

Thank you...for changing diapers so a mom can sit in a service and have her life changed.

Thank you...for serving even when you've had a rough week.

Thank you...for living for much more than just yourself.

Thank you...for speaking words of encouragement to the child who receives little anywhere else.

Thank you...for making church a place where kids want to be.

Thank you...for listening to prayer requests that include healing for goldfish, dogs and cats.

Thank you...for your patience when there's a full moon out and the kids are extra "excited."

Thank you...for doing the "worship motions" with the kids...even when you know you'll be sore the next day from it.

Thank you...helping kids see how much God loves them.

Thank you...for faithfully serving when others are sitting.

Thank you...for helping kids find a verse in the Bible.

Thank you...for being a living example of a Christ-follower for the kids.

Thank you...for seeing the gifts God has placed in kids and helping them discover that God can use them for His glory.

Thank you...for syncing your heartbeat with the heartbeat of Jesus.

Thank you...for staying in children's ministry when others have moved on to "bigger opportunities" (we know children's ministry is the greatest mission field and opportunity in the world).

Thank you...for being willing to laugh, be silly and act like a big kid.

Thank you...for staying committed to what really matters.

Thank you...for every goldfish cracker you've passed out in Jesus' name, every craft you've prepared, every juice spill you've wiped up and every take home paper you've handed to a parent.

Thank you...for helping kids and parents step across the line of faith and become lifelong followers of Jesus.

Have a great Thanksgiving and know that you are loved and appreciated.  You matter...what you does matters...a lot!