An Inside Look at Our Special Needs Ministry

One of the most important ministries in the church is special needs ministry.

When we minister to kids with special needs, we open a door of hope for so many families in our communities.

80% of families who have kids with special needs are unchurched.  When you begin a special needs ministry, you can see many of these precious families come to Christ.

Here are a few of the ministries we have started at our local church to minister to kids with special needs and their families.

Provides one-on-one or small group assistance to individuals of all ages (children through adults) with disabilities during church services and church-sponsored events.  Children and youth participate in programs while their parents attend worship services.  Adults with disabilities participate in worship or any church programs with assistance as needed.

A Bible study setting for individuals with disabilities of all ages (children and adults) who benefit from a small, flexible setting. 

Access Deeper is a class offered to middle and high school students.  Students with typical and special abilities together with unique learning styles learn about deep Biblical truths in an interactive environment.

Access FRIENDS class is a place where adults with intellectual disabilities (18 and older) can experience the joy of God’s love and the freedom of celebrating who we are in Christ.

The Horseback Riding Program promotes recreational riding with therapeutic benefits for children, teens and adults with disabilities.  Our riding center is PATH/NARHA certified.  We provide fellowship and support for the entire family.  Horse shows and awards dinners are a part of the program.

Art classes taught by teachers experienced in the area of special needs.  Children with disabilities and siblings are encouraged to create, explore and grow.

A place to connect, meet people, form relationships and belong. Individuals with disabilities, families, volunteers and guests come together for a time of fellowship, the breaking of bread together and learning from God’s Word.

Recently Joyce Myer Ministries partnered with us to build a new special needs ministry center at our church.  It's used each week to minister to dozens of kids in our community who have special needs and their families.  Below is the story that aired on TV that gives you an inside look at the ministry.  May it inspire and encourage you to reach out to the kids in your community who have special needs.  You can also get more information about our special needs ministries at this link.