The 3 Keys to People Remembering What You Teach...Hidden in This Famous Song

There's a song you remember.  When you read the name of it below, the song lyric will pop in your head.

What's the song?  It's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from Wizard of Oz.

But why do you know this song?  Why has this song wedged its way into your long-term memory?  It's not by accident or chance.  There's a method behind it.

Composer Rob Kapilow recently gave an in-depth look at the song and why it has resonated with so many people over the years.  If you take a closer look at the song, you'll discover 3 keys to placing something into a person's long-term memory.  Here they are.

Key #1 - Talk about where people are.  This can be found in the first note and word of the song. The first note is a low note C.  The first word is "SOME".  It represents her present troubled reality.  Kansas.  Troubles.  Boredom.  Struggles.  Unhappiness.

When you are teaching, talk about where people are.  Step into their shoes.  Feel their pain.  When you speak to people who are hurting, going through struggles and will have a tuned in audience.

Key #2 - Show people hope.  The second note of the song jumps an entire octave to high C as she sings the second word of the compound - "WHERE."  This represents the yearning for a place where there is happiness and hope.  It touches on this yearning for hope again with the words "WAY UP HIGH."  The song continues to circle back to this yearning for hope.

When you are teaching, show people the hope that can be found in God and His Word.  When you offer people hope and help for their will have a tuned in audience.

Key #3 - Help them find transformation.  As she finishes out the song, the melody rises as she sings, "If happy little blue birds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh, why can't I?"  Where does she finally arrive?  Oz.  From low C to high C...from Kansas to Oz...her transformation is complete.

When you're teaching, show people the transformation Christ can bring to their life.  Show them how God can transform not just their situation...but them as a person as well...which is His ultimate plan.

Bottom Line:
Why do you and I remember "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?"  Because it offers us the opportunity to go somewhere that will change us and our world in wonderful ways.  Offer this to people when you are teaching and they won't forget it.

Want to see the 3 keys in action?  Check out the song.