Dec 30, 2015

10 Books to Read in 2016 If You're in Children's Ministry

Reading is one of the best things you can do to grow as a children's ministry leader in 2016.  Here's 10 books I recommend.

 I'm excited to announce this new book that's coming out in late January.  You'll discover 10 keys from Disney's success that will help you build the children's ministry you've always dreamed about.  It's available now at

100 ideas that will charge up your children's ministry -  
you can order it at this link.

100 ideas that will charge up your preschool ministry - 
you can order at this link.

This book will show you the secret behind inspiring your team to action - You can order at this link

This book will help you move from busy to productive -  
you can order at this link.

This book will help you understand today's teens and young adults - you can order at this link.

Great help for talking with kids about tough topics -
you can order at this link.

 Practical parenting insight that will help kids grow up to love and follow Jesus -  you can order at this link.

Learn how to reach your goals one step at a time -
you can order at this link.

Learn how to equip and lead today's volunteers -
you can order at this link.

Your turn.  What books do you recommend for children's ministry leaders for 2016?  Share with us in the comment section below.


When will the Disney book be available?! I am VERY interested in it.

Hey Zach, thanks for asking. We are finishing up the book. It should be released in next month or so. We'll make an announcement here when it's ready.

Thank you!! I am so excited. :)

I just listened to the Vanderbloomen podcast. I'm a senior pastor, a Disney fan, and I love and support children and families. So, put them together and I'm buying a copy for our entire KidsQuest staff.

Thanks David. Appreciate it.

Thanks for asking Jeanne. We are finalizing everything for publish date now. Once that is done we will announce sales process. Stay tuned.

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Has the Disney book been released anywhere?

It's going to print next week. Should be ready 2nd week of August. Stay tuned.

Is the Disney book available to purchase?

It is being printed as we speak. It will be available at Watch for the announcement in the next week or so.

when will it be available as an e book?

Should be ready within the next 7 days. We'll send out a notification when it's up.

May I suggest 3 more? Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions by George Barna - Already Gone by Ken Ham - What Every Sunday School Teacher Should Know by Elmer L. Towns. These have been extremely helpful to me.

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