Circle with Disney...Great New Online Tool for Parents

Circle is a great new device that helps parents monitor their kids online activities.  

It's an Internet gatekeeper with the brains to control which devices can connect to the Internet, when they can connect, which apps and websites can be used, and how long those apps or websites can be used.

It can block ads, pause and restart the Internet at the touch of a button, and let its user(s) access historical data about what kind of content devices have accessed, and when.

You simply add Circle to your Internet connection by giving it access to your router.  This can be done by either connecting it to a router with an Ethernet cable, or by connecting wirelessly.  Once Circle is connected, it has complete reign over anything connected to your Internet connection.

Circle with Disney is positioned as a tool for parents, but it can be useful for anyone who wants to keep tabs on what’s going on with their Internet connection without having to log into their router and deal with its horrendous user interface.  Circle can tell you if anyone is “borrowing” your Internet connection and let you put an immediate stop to it, track down the bandwidth hog causing your Netflix binge session to buffer, or simply clue you in to how much time you spend streaming YouTube video, all through an easy-to-use smartphone or tablet app.

If you want to see more about how Circle works, be sure to check out the video below.