How to Train Your Volunteers in 3 MInutes

Your volunteers are busy...very busy.  Between working long hours, taking their kids to practices, keeping up with school activities, running errands and just doing life, they are always on the go.

Time is one of their most precious commodities and they have very little to spare.  It's a blessing that they give their time to serve...and then we ask them to attend training on top of that.

The majority want to come to training.  Some make it...some don't.  That's just the way it is.

But what if you provided them with training they could access while getting ready, eating breakfast or lunch, cooking dinner, running on the treadmill or any other time during the day when they have 3 minutes available?

Here's a simple way to take the training to your volunteers.
  • Grab your phone. 
  • Shoot a 3-minute training video about a topic.         (after 3 minutes people start tuning out)
  • The video doesn't have to be a highly polished, professionally edited masterpiece.  Just point, shoot and record. 
  • Load the video to YouTube or Vimeo for free.
  • Email the video link to your volunteers.  
  • They can then watch it on their computer, smartphone or tablet. 
  • Do this once a month and you've delivered 12 trainings to your volunteers in one year.
Here are a few examples.