3 Keys to Keeping Millennial Volunteers

Millennials.  They are the young adults who are serving in your children's ministry.  But they can be somewhat slippery to hold onto.

A recent survey says 25% of them plan on switching jobs in the next year and 75% by 2020.  This translates into their volunteerism as well.

This is a red flag because great children's ministries are built by volunteers who are committed long-term.  A children's ministry that is getting the job done is comprised of new volunteers and veteran volunteers.  So...if you want your children's ministry to bear fruit long term...it's vital that you keep your Millennial volunteers.

Here are the 3 big factors that will keep them engaged for the long haul.

#1 - Purpose 
87% of Millennials believe the success of an organization should be measured by purpose.  Studies show that if there is a purpose gap, which is the difference between the purpose Millennials want from your organization and what it offers them, they will go searching for purpose somewhere else.

Millennials want to know they are making a difference.  Constantly remind them of the purpose and how what they are doing ties into it.  Share with them the stories of how they are making a difference in kids' and families' lives.

#2 - Leadership Development
Another big reason why Millennials leave is because they don't see enough opportunities for leadership development.  If you want to keep them...you must invest in them....empower them...and release them to lead ministry.

The great news is this...they're interested in more than just clocking in...putting in their time...and going home.  They want to grow and lead.  Are you ready to invest in them?

#3 - Relationships
When it comes to this, Millennials are like previous generations, they want to serve in community.  Relationship is the super glue that will keep them.  Make sure you create a family culture.  Volunteer teams that play together and hang out together...stay together.

Purpose...leadership development...relationships...focus on these three things and you'll see your Millennials stick around and become pillars in your ministry.