Target Introduces Shopping Cart That's a Game-Changer for Parents of Kids with Special Needs

For parents of kids with special needs, Target's new shopping cart is a game-changer.  It's called Caroline's cart and it's designed for children with special needs.

It gives parents and caregivers of individuals who are unable to walk on their own the ability to shop without having to push both a cart and a wheelchair simultaneously.

The cart was designed by Drew Ann Long after she realized her daughter Caroline, who has special needs, would soon outgrow the kids' section in a traditional shopping cart, at which point she'd be left to juggle a wheelchair and a cart.  Long saw the need and knew that it was one shared by many families.  She called the design Caroline's Cart, named after her daughter, and embarked on the journey of patenting, manufacturing and getting the carts into retail stores.

The vast majority of stores will have at least one Caroline’s Cart, and many will have more, depending on their guests’ needs.

We salute Target for providing this for families with special needs.  They are sitting a great example for churches to follow.  May we be committed to meeting the needs of kids with special needs.