7 Ways Children's Ministry Can Impact Your Entire Church

God wants to use your children's ministry to not only impact children, but your entire church.  Here's 7 ways you can see your children's ministry make a big difference in your church. 

#1 - Realize that children's ministry will bring God's blessings upon your church.  Look what Jesus said.

"And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on My behalf is welcoming Me."  Matthew 18:5

When you welcome children into your church, you are welcoming Jesus.  Ministry to children ushers in Jesus' presence.
#2 - Grow your children's ministry...grow your church.  Nothing grows a church like a vibrant children's ministry.  One of the top reasons families pick a church is the children's ministry.  Focus on growing your children's ministry and your entire church will grow. 

#3 - Children's ministry can help your church reach unchurched families.  The best way to reach unchurched parents is through their children.  When you take a child by the hand, you take a parent by the heart.  No matter how lost a father is, he has a soft spot in his heart for his child.  And no matter how far away from God a mother is, she cares about what her daughter is interested in.  Focus on reaching kids and you will reach parents. 

#4 - Children's ministry helps people grow as disciples through serving.  One of the keys to spiritual growth is serving.  Children's ministry offers many opportunities for people to serve.  Serving in children's ministry can deepen the spiritual walk of your entire church.

#5 - Children's ministry will bring life and vitality to your church.  The future of any church is found in the young families and children who attend.  Without them, your church is just one generation from closing its doors.  The sounds of children laughing, giggling and talking in the hallways of your church is life-giving.

#6 - Children's ministry can help close your church's back door.  One of the best ways to help families get connected once they start attending is through their children.  Focus on providing ways for kids to get connected through small groups, family activities, family classes and more.  When kids get connected, parents get connected.

#7 - Children's ministry can impact the entire church through spiritual milestones.  When you involve the entire church in the spiritual milestones of children, it makes a significant impact.  Here's an example.  If you hold child dedication during a service and as part of the dedication, you ask the entire church to pray for and invest in the children, it raises the spiritual commitment of the church as a whole.

The fastest growing churches in the country have something in common.  They have dynamic children's ministries that are impacting their entire church.  Their story can be your story...if your church is willing to make children's ministry a top priority.  In this post, I share more tips about how to make children's ministry a priority at your church.