20 Tools That Should Have Already Been Invented for Children's Ministry

From electronic check-in to magic erasers to parent pagers to HD TV's, there have been a lot of inventions that have benefited those in children's ministry.

But...there are still some tools that we're waiting for someone to invent.

Here are 20 of them...

A copier that never jams at the worst possible time. (to be more specific - that doesn't jam when you need 20 more copies right before service is starting and you're desperate)

A memory enhancing pill that enables parents to never forget their pick-up tag.

A baptistery that automatically adjusts the water level down when a child steps in.

An additive you can put in coffee that causes all the choir members to switch to serving in children's ministry.

Self-cleaning nursery toys.

An express lane at Wal-Mart for children's ministry purchases. (especially when you're buying 50 bags of cotton balls)

A worship song that causes all 5th grade boys to sing.

An alarm clock that causes all volunteers to arrive 30 minutes before service begins.

Crayons that never break.

An alarm that notifies the adult service that the kids' service has ended and it is time to say the closing prayer.

A portable campus that sets itself up and puts itself away.

A drone that goes to Costco and picks up the items you need and returns with them.

Baby food that ends up with pleasant smells.

Music that instantly causes babies in the nursery to stop crying and start smiling.

A follow-up email that causes all first-time guests to return.

Helium tanks that refill themselves.

A cookie that immediately relaxes kids who are homesick at summer camp and helps them enjoy the experience.

A time machine that allows you to bring Bible characters back to tell their own stories to the kids.

Glasses that decipher the scribbling called handwriting on some registration forms.

A machine that clones amazing volunteers.

Hope this brought a smile to your face today.  Have a great weekend and thank you for your heart for the next generation.  You matter and what you do matters.