How Believers and Unbelievers Differ - The Latest Findings

A recent study from Pew research says believers are different than unbelievers in three key areas.

Overall happiness.  40% of believers say they are very happy compared to only 29% of unbelievers.  

Family connections.  47% of believers say they see their extended families at least once or twice a month vs. only 30% of unbelievers. 

Volunteering and giving.  45% of believers volunteer on a regular basis with 23% volunteering at church.  Only 28% of unbelievers say they volunteer.  The gap is even larger when it comes to helping the poor.  65% of believers donate their money, time or goods to help the poor compared to 41% of unbelievers. 

There is also three areas where believers and unbelievers do not differ.

Dealing with stress.  The percentage of believers and unbelievers who lose their temper in stressful situations is almost identical at 42% (believers) and 43% (unbelievers).

Health, exercising and overeating.  44% of believers say they exercise regularly compared to 43% of unbelievers.  58% of both groups say they overeat at times.

Care for the environment.  50% of both groups say they recycle when possible.  25% of both groups say they consider a company's record of environmental responsibility when making purchases.