May 24, 2016

Children's Ministry Tool Kit for Pastors

Recently we created a tool kit for our campus pastors to help them more effectively connect with and support the children's ministry directors at their campuses.  

The tool kit includes...

  • Children's Ministry philosophy.
  • How to know if your children's ministry is healthy. 
  • 10 ways pastors can support their children's director.
  • 13 ministry questions pastors should ask their children's ministry director on a regular basis. 
  • What pastors should look for when they are in the children's ministry area.
 ...and more

We'd like to make this tool available to you free-of-charge.  You can download it directly at this link. This would be a great tool to share with your pastor or the person you report to in your ministry.


What a great share. Thanks for giving this away.

Thanks Todd. Always great to hear from you my friend.

wow, thx! Our campus pastors will love this resource!

Wow, great resource for our campus guys! thx

Thanks Sam. Trust it will be a blessing.

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