May 20, 2016

Free Online Children's Ministry Conference - Join Us Tuesday

Join us this coming Tuesday, May 24th, for a free online children's ministry conference.  I'll be speaking on one of the most critical aspects of growing a children's ministry...first-time guest experiences. 

Here's the full-schedule:
  • Dale Hudson – 3 Keys to Offering First-Time Families a Great Experience (7:00 pm EST)
  • Sandy Knowles – More than Gifts:  Appreciating Your Volunteers (7:30 pm EST)
  • Kim Batson – Ministering to Kids with ADHD (8:00 pm EST)
There will be a live Q & A at the end of each session.  I look forward to connecting with you.

You can register here


will this be streamed online, or do we need skype?

It will be live streaming. If you go to the link about and register it will give you details about how to connect and log in.

No link has been sent to me yet we would really like to join this just not sure how I have tried to register 3 times and still no link. Please advise if possible :)

I would recommend calling the office of the group that is sponsoring this. Their contact information is at this link.

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