20 Questions Children's Ministry Directors Should Never Ask Their Pastor

As a children's ministry director, there are some questions you should NOT ask your Pastor or the person you report to.  Here are 20 of them.

1. What's a background check?

2. During your sermon today, can you tell people they're going to hell if they don't volunteer in children's ministry?

3. Can I take off Easter weekend?

4. Do you mind if we use a video clip from Mad Max in children's ministry this weekend?

5. Can I borrow your new car for a Costco run?

6. What do you think about me doing a series on Revelation for the preschoolers?

7. Do you mind if we start using Goldfish crackers for communion bread?

8. Can your wife volunteer in the nursery this Sunday since I can't find anyone else?

9. Can I take all my volunteers to Ruth's Chris steakhouse for an appreciation dinner and charge it to the women's ministry budget?

10. Can we add motions to the worship songs in the adult service?

11. Can you cut the worship ministry budget in half and give it to children's ministry?

12. Can you stop going 5 minutes over on your sermon so the kids don't get restless?

13. Can you please call my volunteers and tell them to be on time?

14. Can next week's offering go to sending me to Hawaii on vacation during VBS?

15. What do you think about you and I switching places next week?  I'll teach the adults and you teach the kids?

16.  Can we start using $50 bills for quiet seat prizes?

17.  Can we have a "bring your pet to church" Sunday?

18.  Did you know I don't like kids?

19.  Can we save some money by not changing the babies' diapers in the nursery?

20.  Do you want us to follow up with guest families?

On a more serious note, you can earn the respect of your pastor by leading up well, asking the right questions and providing solutions to the challenges you face.  In this post, I share 10 big children's ministry questions and how to answer them.

Have a great week and lead well.