Billy Graham and Why We Must Reach Kids for Christ

In a recent interview, Billy Graham emphasized that it's never too soon to talk with children about God.  Graham explained that just as parents don't hesitate to tell their children they love them, so they should not wait to tell them of Christ's love as well.

Graham went on to say that the best way to teach young children about Christ's love is through our actions.  Through our genuine faith being lived out, children will witness the love of Christ first-hand.  He explained that our example often speaks far louder than our words.

From birth, parents can begin telling their children about Christ by telling them about His life, reading the Bible to them and praying with them.  Graham says, "What will your children remember about you?  Will they remember only the good times (as well as the hard times) or will they also remember your love for Christ?"

He also emphasizes the importance of taking children to church.  He says it helps them understand that God is real and that we come together to learn about Him.  Taking children to church also helps kids witness the importance of Christ in their parents' life.

Graham says even if your children turn away from the faith to not give up on them, but to continue to love them unconditionally.  Through your unconditional love, they will see the unconditional love of Christ and return to Him.

Amen.  Mr. Graham.  Amen.